Based in Montréal, Québec, Group DMS is a leading cybersecurity-focused Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) serving Eastern Canada. We have successfully provided these services since 1987, focusing on both our employees and our clients to reshape the IT experience.

We consistently outperform our competitors by delivering the highest levels of customer service while ensuring our clients' technology and security needs evolve with the changing landscape of the industry.

At Group DMS, we implement efficient and innovative solutions, streamlining processes, unifying digital experiences, and accelerating transformative change. Our partnerships with world-leading organizations, combined with our hands-on approach and proven methodology, enable us to build sustainable solutions and enduring relationships for ongoing success.


Our mission at Group DMS is to empower our clients to reach their full potential with secure, reliable, and modern technology solutions that support their current and future needs without exceeding their budget. Our experts take a proactive approach to your technology while becoming trusted partners.

Group DMS provides our IT professionals with a rewarding environment in which to work. We offer the time, focus, and support necessary for delivering quality solutions. We also encourage personal growth and development, recognizing that investing in our team's skills and expertise ultimately benefits our clients. Together, we can achieve greater fulfillment in work, life, and beyond as we live with purpose.


At Group DMS, we strongly believe that our Core Values guide everything we do. Whether we are interacting with clients or collaborating with teammates, these values define what is most important to us each day. Our Core Values are:

We communicate directly and openly with our clients, establishing lasting connections. Transparency is crucial in building effective business relationships, and we prioritize delivering easy-to-use, reliable services and solutions that clients can understand and appreciate the return on their investment.

We understand that service excellence is the key to success. Regardless of the customer's size, we strive to exceed expectations by providing exceptional support. Our passionate team takes pride in what they do, the teams they collaborate with, and the clients they serve.

We recognize that IT impacts every aspect of your business, and even a brief period without proper functionality can be stressful. We value your experience above all else and take the time to understand the big picture. When IT issues arise, displaying empathy is as crucial as providing technical explanations. We build strong relationships with our clients, knowing them as professionals and individuals, and become partners they can rely on for advice and support.

We take responsibility for our actions and focus on delivering service with our clients' best interests at heart. Every challenge is an opportunity to provide an even better service experience, and our number one priority is always resolving problems. With this philosophy, we encourage our team to have open and honest conversations with our clients rather than placing blame.

Continuous Learning
Albert Einstein once said, "When you stop learning, you start dying." For over 35 years, we have embraced a culture of continuous learning, evolution, and improvement. We constantly seek growth and innovation, refusing to let complacency or fear of failure hinder us from discovering new and better ways of doing things.

Collaboration and Support
We foster a culture of mutual support, enabling each team member to continuously achieve their highest potential. Together, through effective communication and collaboration, we strive for success. We empower one another by setting up the next person for success, making the entire team stronger.