Ensure Data Protection and Business Continuity

As a business owner, it's natural to be concerned about factors beyond your control. Equipment failures, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events can devastate your digital assets and disrupt your business. Without a fast and reliable disaster recovery plan, the loss of critical data becomes a significant risk.

Group DMS's Cloud Backup Solutions offer seamless business continuity while safeguarding diverse IT environments.

Explore our robust cloud backup solutions: Veeam Cloud Backup , Datto SIRIS Cloud Backup and Datto SAAS Cloud Backup.

Veeam Cloud Backup

Veeam provides a simple, reliable, and flexible solution for protecting your cloud, virtual, and physical workloads.

Let go of the stress associated with data protection, ransomware prevention, and compliance challenges. Veeam offers powerful features and functionality to help you mitigate the risk of catastrophic data loss.

Benefits of Cloud Connect:

  • Rest easy with end-to-end encryption, ensuring data security at the source (before leaving your network perimeter), during transit, and at rest (no VPN required).
  • Host offsite backups without the need for a secondary site by leveraging a dedicated cloud repository from Group DMS.
  • Follow the industry-standard 3-2-1 rule with ease, maintaining three copies of your data on two different formats, with one copy securely stored remotely. By adhering to this rule, Veeam Cloud Connect users can ensure the safety of their data.
  • Harness Veeam's cutting-edge backup technology, including Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups, parallel processing for VMs and VM disks, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies, and more—all integrated into a single product.
  • Effortlessly recover individual files or entire virtual machines from the cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect.
  • Protect against ransomware with offsite data protection.

Datto SIRIS Cloud Backup

The Datto SIRIS platform is the first fully featured total data protection platform delivered in one integrated package.

Easily protect any physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, VMware or HyperV, and spin up lost servers in seconds without the need for additional tools.

Backup automatically on your schedule to a local device, and replicate backups to the Datto Cloud. Recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time, or use local virtualization, Datto Cloud virtualization - or both - to get back to business in minutes.

Deployed as a physical, software or virtual appliance, Datto SIRIS provides the business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast. All three deployment options leverage Datto’s award winning core technologies, service, support, and single-pane-of-glass online management portal. If you need to ensure business continues even when your IT infrastructure fails, SIRIS is the solution for you.

Backup and Restore
Ransomware, natural disasters, hardware failure, or simply human error. Your critical business data can disappear in a second. In today’s world, there seem to be as many ways to lose data as to create it.

With SIRIS, simply schedule regular backups - as frequently as every 5 minutes - of your critical Windows, Mac or Linux machines within our single-pane-of-glass cloud portal. If you need to recover, with Datto SIRIS it is fast and easy.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
When infrastructure fails, business comes to a grinding halt. In the old days of legacy backup solutions, replacement hardware took time to order and install, infrastructure needed to be rebuilt, and then full backups and their incremental updates had to be applied. This could take hours or days, even with a good backup solution.

When your business is down, every second counts. That is why SIRIS provides image based recovery points that can be booted directly from the SIRIS device with the click of a button.

You can boot onsite or in the cloud with the same comprehensive solution. In a larger disaster that requires more than just one server back up and running, Datto can virtualize your entire Infrastructure in just moments.

Combine local and cloud infrastructure to boot an entire office on the local SIRIS, or hybrid via Datto’s secure cloud, and be back up and running as fast as the images can boot.

Once the crisis has passed, SIRIS makes it easy to get back to normal operations. Say goodbye to business downtime, and hello to fast and easy business continuity all-in-one product with Datto SIRIS.

Ransomware Detection and Protection
No matter how hard you try, someone that depends on you for support may eventually click on the wrong email and succumb to ransomware. The compromised machine will then encrypt user files and demand a ransom for the key to unlock the system. Worse, the threat will often spread across the network and infect other machines, seriously impacting business.

Paying the ransom may not solve the problem. In 2016, Datto released the first ransomware detection in the industry, as part of its Total Data Protection solution.

Ransomware, like most illicit software, leaves an identifiable footprint as it takes over a server, PC or laptop. Datto devices actively monitor backups, and when a ransomware footprint is detected, it notifies admins that they have a likely ransomware attack on their hands. From there, recovery is simply a matter of restoring from a previous backup.

Stop worrying about ransomware and get back to business fast with Datto. Your secret weapons? Time Travel. The only sure way to resolve a ransomware attack is to roll back the affected systems to make it as if it never happened.

SIRIS, with point in time rollback, is designed to recover from just these scenarios.

Datto SaaS Backup and Protection
(Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace)

Safeguard Your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Data
Shield your valuable Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data against permanent loss and swiftly recover from ransomware attacks or user errors with our convenient one-click restore functionality.

Microsoft 365 Backup and Advanced Threat Protection
Datto SaaS Protection+ offers a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365, coupled with integrated advanced threat protection. SaaS Protection+ combines the benefits of SaaS Protection with SaaS Defense, which actively scans Microsoft 365 for cyber threats and performs backups three times daily.

Reliable Backup for Microsoft 365
Data stored in SaaS applications are exposed to the same risks as any other data. With Datto SaaS Protection+, you can fortify your defenses against malicious cyber threats and user errors, ensuring swift data recovery from the cloud.

Google Workspace Backup and Recovery
Relying solely on Google Vault does not guarantee the recoverability of your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) data. Datto SaaS Protection allows you to efficiently restore lost data from Gmail, Calendars, Contacts, Drive, and Shared Drives, offering you peace of mind and operational continuity.